Infusion pump

The device, as auxiliary infusion device, equipped with independent dual-core CPU, intelligently controls the whole process of infusion. With peristaltic pump as power source, real-time monitoring by multiple sensors, and multiple alarm functions, the device can meet the requirements of infusion under various circumstances, overcome the shortage of gravity infusion, meet the needs of clinical intravenous infusion and improve the accuracy of intravenous infusion.

    Operator/ user: Trained medical personnel who obtain the qualification of the device .

    Keep vein open (KVO): When delivery volume is reached, flow rate turns into a very low flow rate/K.V.O rate automatically (almost no therapeutic effect), and the device continues to operate, ensuring unobstructed vein and avoiding the regurgitation of blood.  

     Medium speed:: Infusion speed25ml/h

    Minimum speed: Infusion speed 1ml/h

    Free-flow: Self-flow; Liquid infusion, under the influence of gravity, other than the device

    Running state: After setting parameters for device, Press [START] button to start the device.  

    Alarm status: Alarm system status in which identified potential or actual danger exists