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Jinzhou Chanjuan Frozen Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, formerly known as Jinzhou frozen food factory. It is the first large enterprise to produce frozen food in western Liaoning. In 1999, the company invested in expansion, with domestic advanced large-scale quick freezing tunnels and mobile refrigerators. The temperature of the single machine is - 39 ℃, which has the characteristics of strong quick freezing ability and high processing level. In addition, there are 600 tons of refrigerators, which can store a large number of goods and have the ability to process and export a series of frozen food such as vegetables, fruits and aquatic products. The sanitary equipment of the workshop is complete, designed according to the export standard, and the air conditioner is totally enclosed. The "Chan Juan" brand frozen food produced by our company has a pure taste, a wide range of varieties and a reasonable price, which is very popular with consumers. It is exported to three northeastern provinces, Hebei Province, Inner Mongolia, Dalian and other coastal areas. It has been praised by the state, provincial and municipal departments for many times.