2020 China (Ningbo) elderly Industry Expo and rehabilitation nursing Exhibition


Organizer: Ningbo Dina International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Co organizer: Ningbo Dongchuang Exhibition Co., Ltd
Supporting unit: Ningbo Bangqi Media Co., Ltd. Ningbo Hongfu aging Tourism Co., Ltd
Nanfang Jianle aging industry (Ningbo) Development Co., Ltd
★ market prospect
China is running into an aging society, the speed and degree of aging is beyond imagination, followed by challenges in pension security, medical security, pension services, etc. In the future, the response measures in pension, medical care, welfare, community service and other aspects will be further improved, and the consumption energy of residents will be gradually released. The elderly industry is of great significance to the development of elderly social services. From the perspective of the continuous improvement of China's market economy system and the development of modern society, industrialization is bound to be the inevitable trend of elderly social services. The elderly industry is a new collective industry which is produced with the rapid growth of the special needs of the elderly in order to meet the special needs of the elderly. Because of its broad prospects and huge development potential, and the characteristics of not affected by the economic cycle, it is known as the sunrise industry in the 21st century.
Booming industry brings huge business opportunities
2016 China Elderly Care Industry Expo and rehabilitation care exhibition, the "old care Expo" will promote the development of the elderly and rehabilitation care industry with an international vision and professional services, and provide a platform for economic and trade exchanges and exhibitions for the industry.
★ comprehensive publicity and professional audience
1. Invite the competent departments of civil affairs, aging, disabled persons' Federation, health system and other industries, industry associations and member units, elderly care institutions, apartments for the elderly, nursing homes, elderly activity centers, rehabilitation centers, large-scale pharmaceutical supermarkets, pharmaceutical business groups, pharmaceutical chains, specialty stores, community health service stations, gyms and other professional institutions to participate in the procurement; organize the elderly Product development enterprises, distributors, agents, investment consulting agencies, overseas service agencies related to the elderly, national class A hospitals, and media related to the elderly industry attended the conference.
2. Publicity by mainstream media: the organizing committee will hold a press conference, invite mainstream media from Ningbo, other provinces and cities to the conference for publicity and coverage; open up special topics and columns of "old Expo" on mainstream media for publicity and coverage.
3. Professional media publicity: regularly publish the information and progress of the "old Expo" on the relevant national professional media for the elderly, and use the influence of professional media to enhance the professionalism of the "old Expo" and expand the scope of influence of the "old Expo".
4、 Outdoor advertising: outdoor advertising will be released on the main road of Ningbo transportation.
5. Community publicity: carry out a series of publicity activities of "old Expo" into the community in the whole city, expand the publicity scope of "old Expo", and mobilize the whole people to pay attention to and support the work of the elderly.
6. Website publicity: release the activities and investment information of the "old Expo" on the national senior professional website.
7. On site advertising: arrange rainbow gate, giant advertising and other forms of publicity at the event site to increase the atmosphere of the exhibition site.