Three principles of new medical device investment and the key of student number


The "new medical device" usually mentioned in the mouth of merchants refers to the medical device with certain clinical academic value, which is suitable for promotion at the first terminal and its market competition environment is relatively loose, or it has certain unique advantages.
For example, for innovative medical devices, medical devices with fewer manufacturers (generally within 5), which are priced separately, priced differently or with high quality and good price, or other medical devices with sufficient reasons to distinguish from similar products in bidding, or products with competitors within 5 after grouping according to the bidding rules of most provinces.
This kind of product is also the mainstream of the domestic medical device sales market, occupying the largest market share. In the fine investment promotion of such medical devices, we should pay special attention to three principles and five key points.
Follow three principles
First, tailor-made clothing: there are many differences between enterprises, products and products. There is no standardized model that can be applied everywhere. Therefore, an enterprise should draw up a plan suitable for its own refined investment promotion according to its current situation and product characteristics, instead of copying the so-called successful experience.
Second, we should do what we can: even investment promotion and sales have considerable technical content, and the construction of a strong investment promotion team needs more appropriate investment. Therefore, in the construction of the investment promotion and sales team, the enterprise should make appropriate investment according to its own situation, so as to meet the needs of the enterprise, and must not be greedy and ambitious.
Third, measure the time: enterprises should pay attention to the current situation and the changes of national medical and health related policies in a timely manner, and make corresponding adjustments in a timely and targeted manner based on the actual situation of enterprises.
Grasp five key points
1. Time point: during the implementation of refined investment invitation, enterprises are required to have a precise grasp of the time period and key time points. Time period refers to the agreed distribution period, a terminal development period, a terminal delivery period, etc.; time points include bidding quotation time, bid opening time, point delivery time, hospital submission time of product materials, etc. The investment promotion personnel of the enterprise shall grasp the above time period and time point timely and accurately.
2. Team: the refined investment promotion puts forward high requirements for the sales team, and the whole investment promotion process needs to be implemented by the sales staff. Therefore, the construction of enterprise investment team is the key to the success or failure of fine investment promotion, and the most important task of enterprise work.
3. Customers: the number of customers is numerous and varied. Enterprises must find the most suitable product customers to cooperate with, so as to achieve win-win results and avoid all kinds of unhappiness.
4. Terminal: the refined investment promotion mode takes terminal as the core and focus. Therefore, the enterprise's investment attraction personnel should always focus on the terminal, implement the development and quantity of the terminal, and give corresponding countermeasures according to the changes of the terminal.
5. Sales volume: on the premise that the enterprise adheres to its own price bottom line, the achievement of the enterprise's sales target is achieved by the growth of sales volume. Therefore, enterprises should always pay attention to the sales volume, timely understand the deep-seated reasons behind the changes in sales volume, and implement corresponding measures.